Superlatives Class of 2015

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Unicorns in Residence


Have you spotted a unicorn around Providence lately? Did you maybe see one and think it was a figment of your imagination? Maybe you were hallucinating? Have no fear, your mental health is not in jeopardy. These fantastical creatures are the work of New York artist Camomile Hixon, who has exhibited her unique creations in more than 120 cities worldwide. Of course, when she brought them to Providence we just had to do something a little bigger, better and weirder. With the help of Helene Miller, the Officer of Play for Providence Parks, Unicorns In Residence: Providence, launched as “a community-based public art adventure.” It began in March with the Unicorn Found exhibition at the Brown Library and the Unicorn Stampede at the Providence Public Library, but the project continues to morph and take on new life, including “Missing Unicorn” fliers, posters, sculptures, decals and a red glitter phone booth that serves as a direct hotline for the public to report unicorn sightings. Just recently, the dazzling “Missing Unicorn” float debuted at the RI Pride parade on June 20 and the project will continue to evolve from there. So the next time your spot a unicorn, remember: you’re not crazy, you’re just part of a public art adventure. 

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