West Place Sanctuary Celebrates the 17th Birthday of Erna the Duck

Complete with decorations and cake, this event highlighted the sanctuary’s dedication to providing a forever haven for rescued animals


Erna, a cherished Crested Pekin Duck at West Place Animal Sanctuary in Tiverton, recently celebrated a significant milestone – her 17th birthday. This remarkable event highlighted Erna as not only the sanctuary's oldest resident but also one of its original rescues from 2007, showcasing the exceptional care and affection farm animals receive when given a chance to thrive.

Known as West Place’s most dedicated "foster mom," Erna has devoted her springs and summers to raising hundreds of baby birds. "This is a major milestone for Erna," says Wendy Taylor, the sanctuary's founder and executive director. “Farm animals rarely reach such an advanced age. Erna has contributed immensely to both the human and animal lives at West Place, and in return, West Place has afforded her the greatest gift – the chance to grow old.”

The celebration served as a reminder of the commitment required in caring for animals, with Taylor urging the community to consider the responsibilities involved. "Many people still bring home rabbits, chicks, and ducklings around Easter," she explains, "only to lose interest or discover they are not low-maintenance animals."

Erna's birthday celebration included special artwork, decorations, singing, and a blueberry-topped birthday cake – a nod to Erna's favored treat. The event, streamed live on social media, allowed followers to participate in the joyous occasion.

 West Place Animal Sanctuary depends on community donations, and encourages gifts in Erna's honor to continue providing sanctuary for farm animal rescues like her, demonstrating the critical role of community support in their mission. Visit to learn more.


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