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The Look: Pearl Farquharson

Creative Director, Delsie Catering and Events


How would you describe your personal style?
Versatile, chic and unconventional. Although I appreciate current and traditional fashion trends, I love to switch up my look with different styles. I tend to gravitate towards bold, innovative pieces with a unique and creative edge. I also have a weakness for vibrant colors, contrasting textures and interesting shapes. The more artistic the better!

You’re at the Lippitt House in this photo. Why?
The Lippitt House is one of my favorite historical venues to host events in Providence. Its ornate details, unique character and Victorian charm are the perfect backdrop for any affair, especially Delsie’s 2015 Holiday High Tea Series.

Your company, Delsie Catering and Events, specializes in parties that blend art and food. How does your personal aesthetic carry over into your job?
Delsie Catering and Events is committed to delivering a customized and contemporary approach to the traditional standards of cuisine, hospitality and design. We use bold flavors coupled with innovative presentations to create what we call, “food art.” My personal fashion mirrors this concept.

Tell me more about the process of designing events.
At Delsie, we take a “boutique” approach to every event. Our process begins by listening to our client’s vision and needs for their affair. We then work with our creative team to bring this vision to life with trendsetting cuisine, unparalleled service and innovative design, coupled with their personal taste. In the end, our goal is simple: to have our client be a guest at their own party and to give their guests an experience of a lifetime.

You must have tons of events during the holidays. What’s your go-to day to night outfit?
I usually wear comfortable shoes and minimal jewelry with my outfits during the day. To switch into “party-mode,” bold, colorful accessories coupled with a pair of “statement heels” are the perfect way to dress up simple and conservative work attire.

Jess Abernethy, a Providence designer, made this dress. How important is supporting local to you?

Very much so. Delsie Catering and Events sources our ingredients from local and organic farms, breweries and vineyards. We also incorporate the craftsmanship of local artists into our food presentations. We believe that some of the best ingredients and talent in the nation are right here in Rhode Island.


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