The Giving Trees

Largess Forestry protects natural habitats, even in your yard


“Trees are cool and so are all of you,” emotes Matt Largess of Largess Forestry Inc of North Kingstown. His love of trees began as a young boy living in Jamestown. He later went to school at Paul Smith College of the Adirondack Mountains, and was an Oregon and Maine logger. The logging life was not for him, so he jumped ship to become an urban arborist and forester. What began with a $9,000 loan, a chipper, a truck and a prayer has turned into a successful fleet. “Trees are so underrated and so critically important to the earth,” Matt says. “[They] prevent global warming, air pollution, floods and provide wildlife habitat.” Many homeowners are surprised to know that their trees are green assets and can increase their property values by as much as 15%. 

Often times Matt will get calls to remove a tree because it makes a car dirty or could hit a house during a storm. But once he explains their value and benefits, it often changes the homeowner’s decision to remove the tree. Sometimes they will even choose to add more trees and plants to their landscape collection. Matt even has customers who leave dead trees in their yard for wildlife habitat. Dead trees have great value as bird and mammal condominiums. 

“The effect of the growing green industry is not only environmentally but economically-friendly, and will be one of the great providers of jobs for the years to come,” says Matt. “Rhode Island is more than the Ocean State its trees and landscape are a grand part of our one-of-a-kind Little Rhody’s future.”

Largess Forestry Inc. 221 Shady Lea Road, North Kingstown. 849-9191

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