Green Inside and Out

MI Interiors designs with the environment in mind


Martinha Javid is the owner of MI Interiors, an interior design firm located in North Kingstown that specializes in eco-friendly designs and practices. Fifteen years ago she began working on projects for herself, friends and family after attending RISD. But even before she began her career as an interior designer, her love for repurposing and conservation was evident early on. “I recall my playtime as a child living in São Miguel, Azores. Without realizing it, I was already playing out my passion. I used to create my [play] home with elements my parents would have thrown out... then invite my friends over for tea,” Martinha reminisces. “When I first started, most [clients] didn’t understand what eco-friendly was. So, I would introduce them to as many reclaimed/green materials as possible and [they would] see how beautiful it could be.”

It’s taken some time, but now she is finding that clients are much more educated on the environment and on green materials, and most are very enthusiastic about repurposing and using energy saving building materials. “They love learning that their space can be fabulous and rewarding,” she exclaims. “Eco can be very chic, and it can also mean supporting local businesses to keep the economy growing in your community.” For example, she would rather repurpose a beautiful antique piece of furniture made from quality wood rather than going to a big box furniture store. “By repurposing you are reducing your environmental footprint as well as saving energy,” she says. What resonates with her is the integration of old and new worlds.

Most of all she encourages everyone to be resourceful when incorporating green design into their homes. For the best results Martinha recommends to “ask a designer who is experienced with eco-friendly design for help for the best possible results.”

MI Interiors 650 Ten Rod Road #2, North Kingstown. 206-1451

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