North Providence Biscotti Bar Elevates Events with Authentic Italian Delights

A baker brings family recipes on the road with a cookie cart serving Rhode Island


In North Providence, a delightful venture has emerged, bringing the warmth of cherished family traditions to parties big and small. Gianna Grande, the creative force behind The Biscotti Bar, has recently taken her baking expertise on the move. The mobile Biscotti Bar cart enhances any occasion with its irresistible array of Italian cookies.

Growing up in a home steeped in Italian heritage, Grande's culinary journey began at a young age, side by side with her sister, mother, and grandmothers. Together, they crafted 18 distinct varieties of Italian Christmas cookies, lovingly arranged into assorted trays for friends and family each holiday season. These recipes have been passed down through generations, and are at the centerpiece of every family celebration.

For Grande, the joy of baking and sharing these delectable treats extends far beyond the confines of her family kitchen. It ignited a desire to spread the love for these mouthwatering cookies to a wider audience. The result? The Biscotti Bar, an endeavor dedicated to sharing the magic of these time-honored recipes with others, inviting them to revel in the same delight that has graced the Grande’s family gatherings for years.

The Biscotti Bar's mobile cookie cart is set to pop up at various shops across Rhode Island, bringing with it an array of mouthwatering treats. For those looking to add a customizable touch to their events, Grande’s cart is available for rent to showcase a delectable selection of treats. Picture a custom cookie bar, brimming with an assortment of these heavenly creations, adding a sweet and memorable touch to any occasion.

Grande also extends her expertise in crafting stand-alone custom cookie trays, tailored to suit the host’s preferences for events, parties, and more. Italian cookie favors, meticulously packaged with an eye for detail, are also available, perfect for showers, communions, weddings, and other special occasions.

With The Biscotti Bar, Grande invites you to partake in a cherished tradition, savor the flavors of Italy, and add a touch of sweetness to your own celebrations. Each cookie, a labor of love, carries with it the essence of generations past, ready to create new memories for you and your loved ones. Visit The Biscotti Bar online for information on ordering, cart rentals, or large cookie tray/favor orders.

Upcoming pop-up shops:

PVD Flea @ Farm Fresh RI

November 12, 11-3pm

10 Sims Ave, Providence RI

Warren Christmas Tree Lighting

November 24, 5-7pm

471 Main Street, Warren RI

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