Taste Test

Devouring Donuts

Sampling pillowy treats from all around PVD


Ah, coffee and donuts, a classic American breakfast for those who don’t mind a little sweetness in their morning routine. Besides the obvious drive-thru, where does one go for a delicious circular treat that doesn’t leave them feeling wracked with sugary guilt all day long? If it has the calories, it better be worth it, and these four pillowy pastries are definitely worth it.

Ocean State Original
One bite into an Allie’s original donut topped with subtly sweet vanilla frosting and we were hooked. The contrast between the donut’s crisp crust, chewy and light base, and crunchy rainbow sprinkles had all of us envisioning the perfect start to a Rhode Island summer day... iced coffee included.
Available at Mega’s Bakery, 567 Reservoir Ave, Cranston. 467-6000.

Grain-free and Flavorful
Absence makes the heart grow fonder, except when Dave’s Coffee ditches gluten to bake an original donut. The crunchy sea salt topping added a perfect textural contrast to its smooth homemade frosting, leaving us satisfied, yet curious for another bite.
341 South Main Street. 322-0006.

Handcrafted and Heavenly
What better accoutrement for a local cup of coffee than Easy Entertaining’s donuts. Its generous size is perfect for sharing, but the tactfully not-too-sweet, hand-cut fluffy base with made-from-scratch frosting had us justifying the whole portion. It’s great for sharing... if you want to.
166 Valley Street, Building 10. 437-6090.

In Coffee and In Health
White Electric’s vegan donut with savory and spicy notes tasted like the good ol’ egg-laden versions “our forefathers dunked into steaming cups of coffee” over great conversation. We loved the firm crust, moist center and not-too-sweet flavor.
711 Westminster Street. 453-3007.

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