The RISD Museum Pushes Local Art In a Big Way this Summer


This summer RISD is putting together something it hasn't done in over two decades: a large scale survey of artistic works from the Greater Providence area. Celebrating multi-disciplinary talents from the city and nearby communities, RISD’s Locally Made exhibition will sprawl over numerous museum galleries until November 3. There will be a variety of events as part of the exhibit.

On August 8, the aptly dubbed After School Special at the Contemporary Art Gallery is part of Locally Made’s One Room in Assembly, a casual meeting place of local artists, designers and intellects in an experimental space. An evening of interactive installations, compelling performances, video displays and shenanigans will be on show, brought to you by a gathered group of specifically collected artists from curators Jason Tranchida and Matthew Lawrence. Offering a diverse range of mediums to choose from, art buffs and curious spectators alike wil find something to enjoy.

Participants in the events include: Hannah Abelow, Gloria Gardenburger, Genevieve Cross, Joe Segal, Mary Paula Hunter, Matt Underwood and Joshua Baptista. Attendees can expect to see talents like the eccentric Gardenburger, known as the “underground’s psychedelic swingin’ stepmom”, big hair and all, along with a change of pace in Paula Hunter’s use of movement in storytelling. To get a glimpse of what these and other artists have in store, head over on the 8th from 6-8pm, and see the antics for yourself. Free with museum admission.


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