The Leading Ladies of J2Construct

Project Managers


The J2CONSTRUCT community is redefining the construction industry. How exactly? By giving more women the platform and opportunities to thrive in this historically male-dominated environment. J2 Construct passionately employs a wildly successful group of detail-oriented, strong, and motivated women. “These women are valued at J2 because they all offer uniquely different skill sets, including project management, organization, creativity, and big-picture thinking,” they explain.

Being a female leader in the construction and architectural industries can be challenging, but in addition to the finished homes they build, the women of J2 Construct are proud to continue paving the way for future teams as the company expands by hiring more female project managers. “Women can and do succeed in the construction industry! In fact, we are valued because we are women, and bring a unique energy to the jobs.” Thanks to their expertise, J2 Construct is known for thoughtful and responsible project support and collaboration between client, architectural, and engineering partners.

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