A Clean Beauty and Skincare Journey Starts With Shimmer in New Bedford

The eco-conscious, low-toxic makeup store celebrates five years


The path to clean beauty doesn’t need to be mired by obsessive research and decision fatigue. If you’re tired of reading the fine print on products at big-box stores and you’re seeking answers to skincare questions from real people who get the struggle, Shimmer – which recently celebrated its fifth-year anniversary – offers an alternative experience. Housed within a serene storefront, owner Katherine Lowe curates a collection of makeup, skincare, bath and body products, and haircare made with the cleanest ingredients.


“The inspiration behind Shimmer stems from a deeply personal journey,” Lowe explains. “After my mother's diagnosis with brain cancer, I became acutely aware of the importance of scrutinizing the ingredients in our everyday products. This led me to create a space where customers could trust that every product met the highest standards. I will not sell a product unless I have tested it myself.”

From indie brands to household names like RMS Beauty, Innersense Organic Beauty, Indie Lee, True Botanicals, and Makeup Eraser, Shimmer only stocks “safe and effective products crafted from the finest ingredients, free from animal testing, eco-conscious in packaging, and committed to fair treatment of workers and social good,” says Lowe, who upholds the European Union’s rigorous standards in her selection process. Unlike conventional mascaras made with formaldehyde that dries out lashes, Shimmer stocks mascaras with nourishing ingredients. 

Equally important as Shimmer’s commitment to low-toxic goods is their emphasis on customer service; visitors from near and far find solace in the helpful, undaunting experience. “You'll receive personalized service from people who genuinely care,” assures Lowe. “We take the time to help you find the perfect products and teach you how to use them, ensuring a unique and luxurious experience that big retailers just can't match.”


Curious about switching to mineral-based sunscreens this summer, or how to tailor your makeup and skincare routine for the warmer weather? Specialists at Shimmer can steer you in the right direction. Ask about their TerraCycle program for recycling beauty products, too. Notes Lowe, “When you shop at Shimmer, you not only invest in products that are ethically made, but you also support your local community.”


187 Union Street, New Bedford, MA




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