Leading Ladies 2016

Robin Barrett Wilson

Owner – Robin B. Clothier


Nowadays, it’s too easy to find “fast fashion” – the cheap clothing that’s one aisle over from the kitchen supplies at Target, that lasts for one season before you drop it in the trash. It’s bad for the planet, and it’s bad for your budget. How do you maintain a closet full of great wardrobe staples if the fashion you purchase doesn’t last season to season, year to year? That’s exactly what Robin Barrett Wilson had in mind when she opened her boutique robin b. clothier last year. “I had always been taught the importance of quality when it came to spending money on my wardrobe,” she says. “Having quality doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the latest trends. I kept wondering, where do people shop, locally, to get great fashion that is high quality, represents the modern woman, and has a meaning or a purpose?”

The answer now is robin b. clothier, a women’s clothing, accessory and gift boutique on Main Street in East Greenwich. Not only is every item beautiful and carefully chosen, every item in the store is focused on making a difference. “In the end, I knew I wanted to curate brands, designs and items that are unique, fashionable, and authentic,” Robin explains. “Designs that have a story, whether they are Fair Trade, organic cotton, made in the USA, handcrafted or hand sewn, designed by women for women or philanthropically focused, the designs had to also make a difference. Along with this comes great quality.”

Opening a boutique is a dream come true for Robin. As a young girl in art club, her teacher took the group on a field trip to the Garment District in New York City. Her group was fortunate to visit the prestigious office of a highly regarded designer. As one of the interns explained the design process to the group, Robin knew, the fashion industry was in her future. “I always knew I would have my own boutique, offering a unique space and creative fashions that I hoped would inspire others, similar to my experience as a 17 year old,” she says.

A Rhode Island native, Robin has over 20 years experience in the fashion and retail industry. She started her career working for large retail brands, working her way up from store operations to buying and transitioned to technology where she worked with some of the most successful brands in the industry: Tory Burch, L.L. Bean, Cole Haan, Chico’s and New Balance, to name a few.

Several years and a lifetime of fulfilling retail experience later, Robin is living that dream. “I’ve loved fashion my whole life,” she says. “I am in awe of those who can create. It’s a gift, and I’m humbled to be able to find these designers and share these amazing designs with my customers.”

Robin also understands that today’s customer has changed. To meet the needs of those who are on the run and like to browse before you stop by the store, you can find Robin’s curated designers on her website at www.robinbclothier.com. You can also follow what’s new on her beautifully curated Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook pages. Although shopping habits have changed, women still love to shop together, have lunch, attend an event on a Thursday evening. To meet those needs and educate her customer further about these amazing brands, robin b. clothier will be hosting monthly events. The first event will be March 3. Megan Williams from Henry and Belle will be visiting the store. She will be talking about the latest trends in denim, offering an extended assortment of styles to customers, and giving away a free pair of jeans. To compliment the event, there will be a wine tasting and hors devours.

If you are in East Greenwich, stop by robin b. clothier, a women’s boutique that offers “fashions, mindfully designed.”

175 Main Street, East Greenwich • 401-885-9400 • www.robinbclothier.comcontact@robinbclothier.com


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