New Healthy You

Make your resolutions lasting ones with some expert advice


Resolutions: it seems as if we can’t begin the New Year without them. On television, in magazines, at holiday parties and on social networks, everyone wants to know what you are planning to change about yourself in the coming year.

Diet, fitness and overall heath goals usually top people’s lists, particularly after weeks of indulging in holiday delicacies. But, fast-forward a few weeks into the new year and many people already have a laundry list of excuses as to why they haven’t stuck to their resolutions.

It’s true that family, friends, work, activities – you know, life in general – can take up so much time that it seems there’s no room to fit another thing in. There are, however, ways to turn resolutions into long-term reality. Here are a few tips to help make that happen:

Hold yourself accountable. You can do this by weighing yourself regularly, keeping a food log or joining an organized weight loss program. You can also enlist the help of family and friends you trust; tell them your goals and permit them to periodically ask you how things are going. If you don’t have some way to check in on your progress, it will be easier to let things slide.

Try something new. Adding a little variety to your exercise regimen will help keep you from falling into a workout rut. Give a completely different activity a try – you might just end up loving it. See what the Zumba fitness craze is all about (Drop in Zumba classes available to non-members for $10 at Gold’s Gym), do some indoor rock climbing at Rock Spot Climbing in Lincoln, or unleash your wild side and sign up for pole fitness classes at JM Kennedy in Pawtucket.

Get a workout buddy. You’re less likely to dread working out if you’re doing it with someone who motivates you and keeps it fun. Enlisting an exercise partner will hold you accountable, too. When someone is counting on you to meet up for a workout, it’s not as easy to bail.

Reward yourself. Making the most of your healthy living victories will inspire you to keep working toward your bigger goals. When you hit a milestone, book a massage, splurge on some new workout clothes or celebrate at your favorite restaurant. After all, when you stay committed to your goals, rewarding yourself for a job well done is only fair.


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