Capturing Providence's Essence: An Interview with Photographer Zach Pona

A brief interview capturing the everyday life of Providence through an email interview with a Hey Rhody fan, Zach Pona



In a recent email interview, we had the pleasure of connecting with a talented photographer, Zach Pona, who has been making waves on Instagram. Born and raised in Rhode Island, his story is one of artistic evolution and a deep love for his hometown, Providence.

From Childhood Passion to Aerial Mastery

Zach's journey began early, as a child captivated by the idea of freezing moments in time with disposable cameras. This early fascination with photography laid the foundation for what would become a lifelong passion. It wasn't until 2019, however, that his craft took a transformative turn. The acquisition of his first drone opened up a new world of possibilities, revealing breathtaking perspectives from above that continue to inspire awe.

Favorite Genre and Style

When it comes to capturing the perfect shot, this artist's heart lies in aerial photography. Zach's favorite genres, landscape and architecture photography, allow him to create images that evoke the feeling of a scene straight out of a movie. Additionally, he's drawn to panoramic photography, a style that involves piecing together multiple photos to craft a truly immersive shot.

Providence: A Wellspring of Inspiration

For Zach, Providence isn't just a city; it's a canvas brimming with untold stories. The art and history that permeate every corner serve as a wellspring of inspiration. From vibrant murals to dynamic live events, there's a plethora of moments waiting to be captured and woven into his work. His personal favorites? The summer events that animate downtown Providence.

Unearthing Hidden Gems

The generosity and camaraderie of the Providence photography community are highlighted as our artist shares some of his cherished, lesser-known spots. Among them, the Roger Williams statue at Prospect Terrace Park, overlooking the city, offers a perspective both majestic and intimate. And then, there are the two murals in the parking lot behind the Trinity Academy for the Performing Arts, boasting a scale and detail that elevate them to the level of true hidden gems.

Magazine Appreciation

Zach's love for magazines is palpable. He appreciates the thoughtful curation and impeccable design of each series. His personal favorite? The Providence series, a reliable guide to the city's must-see spots and upcoming events worth capturing.

Through this insightful email exchange, we've gleaned a deeper understanding of the artist behind the lens, Zach Pona. His journey from childhood fascination to aerial mastery, his favorite styles, and his unique perspective on Providence all come together to form a captivating narrative. As we await more of his stunning captures, we're reminded of the vibrant artistry that thrives in the heart of Rhode Island's capital.


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