Live Your Best Life with Confidently Love Yourself’s Holistic Health Approach

Let board certified functional health practitioner Dee Davidson help you find the root causes of symptoms and prevent future disease


“When we prioritize self-love and show up for ourselves, our confidence naturally flourishes,” insists Dee Davidson, and when she says “self-love,” she means going deep to find the root causes of health issues, not just putting a bandaid over the symptoms. It’s a process Davidson has experienced firsthand, excavating the source of countless health struggles she and her family have faced, before finding her calling guiding others on their paths to wellness.

A board certified functional health practitioner, Davidson takes a holistic approach to helping clients find balance in mind, body, and soul through Confidently Love Yourself. Prioritizing disease prevention and making lifestyle changes, Davidson explains, “individuals can tap into the body's innate ability to restore function and promote overall well-being.”

One way Davidson coaches her clients is demystifying the body’s systems to understand the bigger picture behind their health problems. For instance, she says, “A common misconception about hormones is that they are the root cause of health issues, when in reality, they are signals of underlying dysfunctions in the body's systems,” which can present in the immune system, energy production, digestion, and other areas. “The body is constantly striving for balance, and when one system is off, it can cascade and affect multiple systems.” Davidson explains that even menopausal hormone fluctuations can often be addressed by changing lifestyle factors.

Davidson takes the guesswork out of charting a journey to wellness by relying on scientific data to find targeted interventions. “Functional lab testing empowers individuals to take control of their health by providing actionable insights and personalized recommendations,” she explains. “Unlike conventional lab tests that focus on diagnosing diseases, functional lab testing takes a holistic approach, considering each individual's unique circumstances, health history, and hidden stressors.”

It’s through Davidson’s commitment to the individual’s unique needs and history – everything from stored trauma to mindset factors – that they can feel safe discovering the road to wellness before them. “Every piece belongs in the puzzle of whole health healing,” says Davidson. “True healing requires personalized attention and genuine compassion.” 

Learn more about Davidson’s services, self-study courses, and podcast Confidently Balance your Hormones by visiting ConfidentlyLoveYourself.com; follow on Instagram for daily inspiration, health tips, and more at @confidently_love_yourself.


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