Ash Trees Under Dire Threat


“All untreated Ash trees in Rhode Island will be dead in 10-15 years,” Tom Morra, owner of T.F. MORRA TREE CARE, INC. warns. “It’s not a ‘maybe’ or ‘hope it will pass’ situation.” The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive insect recently found in Providence and Tom explains that research shows that once discovered, this means the insect has already been present, reproducing within local Ash trees for three to five years. T.F. Morra offers two types of treatments to defend against Emerald Ash Borer and they perform this service between April and June. Ash trees have compound leaf structures with five to 11 lance-shaped leaflets, plus bark displaying tight diamond-shaped ridges (see picture above).

Now is the time to prepare for spring’s approach and reserve your appointment with T.F. Morra for a comprehensive analysis and consultation. Their services include pruning, cabling, plant health care treatments, fertilization, soil aeration, and tree removal when necessary. They also handle treatment of other problem pests like hemlock wooly adelgid and fungal pathogens like anthracnose. T.F. Morra only treats as needed, and when they do, they always use organic products and/or the lowest impact treatments available.   

Why T.F. Morra? “We have a small company and we’re going to stay that way,” Tom says. His team really gets to know your trees and they become trusted advisers to help maintain their health. Call today to schedule your consultation.



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