10 To Watch: Antonieta Falconi

Chief Financial Officer, Social Enterprise Greenhouse


Name: Antonieta Falconi
Occupation: Chief Financial Officer, Social Enterprise Greenhouse
Age: 38
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Why she came to Providence: Moved here from Miami with her husband after an extensive analytical evaluation of various cities based on qualities like diversity, historic architecture and opportunity to promote civic engagement.

Social Enterprise Greenhouse (SEG), the nonprofit that provides support and services to social entrepreneurs starting “do well, do good” businesses, sees no shortage of people with big ideas. Antonieta Falconi is not one of them. “I don’t see myself as a visionary or idea person,” she says. “But having the idea is just the beginning. It is as critical to know how to evaluate and execute. That is what I am good at.” Four years ago, she was SEG’s second full-time hire; since then it has grown to 11 employees operating nearly a dozen programs, events and services aimed at helping social enterprises grow. As SEG gears up to run three installments of its Accelerator (think bootcamp for start-ups) this year, helping 30+ entrepreneurs turn their big ideas into actual, functioning companies, Falconi will be focused on the small things. “Specifically, I will work to expand the financial system supports we offer, which does not sound exciting, but is critical for a successful social enterprise,” she explains. One example is a new initiative to help social ventures implement a “financial dashboard.” As a behind-the-scenes force, Falconi even shies away from the notion of being “one to watch.” “Don’t watch me,” she advises. “Watch the ‘do well, do good’ movement. We will start moving the needle on big issues.”

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