Wintertime Home Solutions


Louis Iasimone, life-long Rhode Islander, is a proud member of a family of leading plumbing and heating professionals. With over 35 years of experience, Louis and the crew at IASIMONE PLUMBING, HEATING & DRAIN CLEANING INC. provide customers the highest level of service. “It’s so rewarding to have clients call us year after year,” Louis says.

With the winter season now upon us, we’re sure most home heating systems are humming along. But, if for some reason you forgot or just didn’t get around to having your system checked out in the fall, it’s not too late: Iasimone Plumbing can come do a full evaluation of your system. Tip: To save energy and put less stress on your heating system this season, set your thermostat to one temperature – even when no one is home. Too often people keep the thermostat low when away during the colder months, thinking they are saving money by not having the boiler run, but when your house cools down so does your heating system, meaning the boiler needs to heat back up to heat the home when you return. So, set the thermostat at a comfortable temperature and leave it.

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