What’s Your Twenty?


Twenty Stories started with a need for adventure and a bus. The mobile and now brick-and-mortar bookstore is the creation of Alexa Trembly and Emory Harkins who met while attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Both writers, they set out across the country to gain some inspiration through life experiences before ending up in LA. Inspired by the city’s food truck scene, they decided to repurpose the mobile concept for books and bought a bus. With the vehicle’s limited shelf space, Trembly and Harkins got the idea to select just 20 titles each month on a variety of genres to read and share with customers. After a couple years on the pricey West Coast, Harkins’ hometown of Providence (and its affordable rent) beckoned them back to Rhode Island. Recently, the two opened a permanent space in Hope Artiste Village, which has allowed them to expand on their business model, continuing to introduce 20 books a month while keeping six months’ worth of titles within the store. The space also allows them to introduce new products like a poetry wall and host events such as readings, creative writing nights, and a book club.

Hope Artiste Village
1005 Main Street, Unit 8206, Pawtucket

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