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Lifestyle Photographer & Embodiment Coach


 Brittanny Taylor is a connector. It seems that whenever we profile an emerging artisan, Taylor is part of their story – as photographer, coach, mentor. With age comes wisdom and confidence, and as Taylor approaches the big 4-0, she is brimming with those well-earned attributes and then some. In all facets of her life, she wants to help others feel the way she does – empowered, self-connected, and comfortable in their own skin.

Taylor was born and raised in Providence; she went to Classical High School and earned her BA at Rhode Island College. A stint after graduation working at the mall led to learning how to use a DSLR camera, and a random visit to a yoga class instantly transformed her into a devotee. She moved away to NYC briefly but ultimately returned. “I've traveled the country and have visited many cool cities, but no place compares to the community here in Providence,” says Taylor. 

Today as an entrepreneur, photography and yoga form the foundation of her eponymous business as a “lifestyle photographer and embodiment coach using yoga and tarot to help people regain their mind, body, and soul connection.” The seemingly unrelated services she provides came together in an organic way. Struck by how people often tighten up when asked to pose for a photo, she offers yoga for flexibility and mental clarity; for guidance: tarot card readings. And for photography, she preps subjects with warmth and humor, and offers payment plans because “everyone deserves bomb photos of themselves.”

Recently wed and living in Olneyville, Taylor wants to continue to inspire people to reach beyond their own preconceived expectations. “I want to show the people of Providence that they are capable of greatness if they are called to go get it.” She also has plans to use her film studies degree and bring local talent together to develop and film a horror movie. “I absolutely love living here because the culture is truly what you make it.”

Reason for Optimism:  I am turning 40 in April 2023. A decade ago, I was at my lowest point, coming out of an abusive relationship, living in a different city, and not knowing if things would ever improve. Throughout my 30s, I grew into the strong, capable person I am today. I am optimistic for 2023 because as I turn 40 and enter this chapter of my life, I know that things will be even bigger and better for me.

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