The Juliana Hatfield Three Play The Columbus

Their debut album, Become What You Are turns 21


With The Juliana Hatfield Three’s sophomore album Whatever, My Love having dropped only two months ago after its reformation last year, the band has regained the charisma that made Become What You Are such a success 21 years ago. After a short spell as the premier alt-rock group of ‘93 as well as playing on the soundtrack for Reality Bites, the Three disbanded in favor of solo pursuits.

Last year’s seemingly instant resurgence has thrown them back into the spotlight however, and Whatever, My Love was one of the most anticipated albums of this year. In celebration of their renaissance they will be heading to the Columbus Theatre on April 21 to bring back the alt-rock rhythm that they withdrew from in 1996. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just craving a classic 5/4 groove, stop by and celebrate their debut LP's 21st. 


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