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Pure Haven, a new toxin-free skincare line made in Rhode Island, has nothing to hide


I was shopping not too long ago, at that place with the big red bullseye logo, and I needed body wash. There was a line I hadn’t seen before. It was inexpensive, and smelled great. I bought it. And I liked it. But every time I used it, all I could think about was the chemicals inside.

Mistrust of my beauty products is a feeling I can’t shake these days. If I’m willing to spend my Saturday morning at the farmer’s market to get the healthiest possible food, then why am I still willing to buy $2 body wash that was most certainly made with toxic compounds?

The thing is, there’s a lot of fake “clean” beauty out there – a lot of it available at that big box store I mentioned – that looks like it’s natural, and is still made with pesticides and known carcinogens. The other thing that makes cleaning up your beauty routine hard is that a lot of lines that really are natural aren’t so effective. That’s why I wanted to try Pure Haven. It’s a relatively new company that makes toxin-free products available online or via home party. They make everything from laundry detergent to household cleaners, but I was most interested in their beauty and body products – so I undertook a month-long trial period to see if coming clean made any difference in how my skin looked and felt.

The short answer is: yes. I used Pure Haven’s entire regimen, from a face wash made with rose, pomegranate, and cucumber, to deodorant made with peppermint, coconut, and tea tree. There were some things I didn’t love – you’re never going to convince me I need to use toner, and it was tough getting used to the toothpaste, which tasted great (a combination of cinnamon, clove, and mint) but didn’t foam the way I want toothpaste to foam. But there was an incredible combination of moisturizers for morning and night that have made me a convert. In the morning, I used Pure Haven’s game-changing Hyaluronic Acid (a serum derived from Vitamin C), followed by Refresh Eye Cream, made with aloe and essential flower oils, and Refresh Moisturizer, with green tea. At night, I used Refresh Night Serum, a super-hydrating overnight product made with pink grapefruit and carrot oil. That was my favorite: I woke up looking like I had already cleansed and moisturized for the day.

When you’re taking the time to be good to your skin, you’re going to look better regardless of what you’re putting on it. But I really did see a remarkable boost to my skin’s glow, and a significant reduction in breakouts. As often happens, making one positive choice led to other positive choices. Once I was into the groove of using clean beauty products, I started paying attention to my water intake and making sure to eat a colorful array of vegetables. My “clean beauty” glow came from the inside as well as the outside, and it feels so good that I’m definitely going to keep going with it.


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