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Style Profile: Ruth Clark

Artist, blogger


Describe your personal style.

I tend to wear whatever I feel most like myself in – whatever sings to my body and feels most comfortable and beautiful. When I’m shopping for clothes, I try to tune in and decide if it feels like me. It seems simple, but there’s nothing worse than impulse buying a garment and wearing it once, only to discover you feel awful in it! You can usually find me in flowy tops, lots of skirts, big scarves and gold jewelry, with messy wild hair. A lot of my stuff is thrifted, too, which I love. I feel like my personal style is always growing and shifting.

You juggle many artistic projects and a day job. Tell me more.

I run an Etsy shop called Wilderness Design, where I sell hand-lettered products and take custom orders for tattoo design, business branding and more. I write at where I have a lifestyle blog. I also do some photography, mainly shooting babies and family portraits in documentary style. My full-time job is at Brown University, where I’m the Outreach and Program Coordinator for the Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. I really enjoy traveling, being out in nature, seeing live music and hanging out with my friends over cups of tea. My mission is to inspire love through honest words and heartfelt design, and to support others in knowing that we are never truly alone.

How does your style enable you to wear so many hats, so to speak?

My style really feels more like an intuitive thing. I base my choices on what feels most authentic and true to myself. And I think this carries over to all of my jobs and interests – I go with my gut and listen to my heart, doing my best to carve out a life that feels good to me.

Tell me about your outfit.

I love this outfit – simple, not very complicated and really comfortable. The boho blouse and high-waisted jeans are from Target and Gap – I get a lot of inexpensive staples there. The gray sweater I’ve had forever, and the black booties are my go-to shoes. And I’m in love with that gold necklace, thrifted from [recently closed] MINT.

It’s been the longest winter ever. What are you looking forward to wearing again this spring?

Dresses and skirts without tights!

I, too, am a fan of red lipstick. Do you wear it every day, or as your outfit or mood dictates?

I definitely don’t wear it every day, especially in the winter when my lips tend to be drier. I do love it though, and wear it a couple of times a week for a pop of color. It’s just enough to give me a pop of energy and confidence, too.


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