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An antiques collaborative on South Main Street makes old new again


On South Main Street, there is a perfectly curated, inviting room just down the street from Dave’s Coffee. And luckily for any passerby who is drawn in by the novelties in the window, it’s not a peek into some exquisite private home or office, it’s a stylish time capsule of a shop: White Star Antiques.

An ever-changing selection of antiques, art and curiosities, White Star is the brainchild of countless conversations between two couples, Josh and Karen Peterson and Melanie Silva and Alex Correia, who wanted to combine their separate companies that sold privately to various design firms, interior designers and collectors and have a more public presence within their local community. “At White Star Antiques, we intentionally combine the aesthetic of four different antique dealers to create one seemingly indistinguishable space,” says Melanie, one of the store’s owners and curators. “We source our pieces from all over, near and far, and the excitement for us is the hunt – specifically the wonder of what we may find next.”

White Star officially opened its doors to the public this June. The interior of the space begs you to linger and explore the scattered treasures within. It’s so neatly put together and arranged, yet with just the right amount of clutter, that it feels more like a chic office or living room of some fabulous art collector than an antiques store. The aroma of good leather from the centrally placed Chesterfield couch, which dates back to the 1920s, fills the room. Between classic couches, chairs, coffee tables, dining sets, cabinets and shelves are unusual pieces that pop – like a fridge from the 1950s in the back of the room. There are some pieces of clothing, but the store’s main focus is furniture and décor. Old cameras and film spill out of drawers of beautiful, towering cabinets. Art pieces from a variety of eras fill the walls and timeworn books, photos and eccentric trinkets like old Rubik’s cubes cover the tabletops. 

“The goal of White Star Antiques is to display quality items from a variety of periods and styles within a context that highlights their historical importance as well as their modern day appeal. It is our belief that great design spans time,” explains Melanie. “Within one visit to our shop, you could see a 17th century old master oil painting hanging beside an oversized macramé wall hanging from the 1970s.” And they certainly capture a spectacular aesthetic, combining pieces, features and styles from a variety of generations to create a gorgeous space.

Be sure to visit White Star’s Facebook page, which is packed with photos, biographies on the artists and artistic details on all the finds and pieces they feature.

White Star Antiques

357 South Main Street



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