Local Restaurants Take a Pledge


Coronavirus has been cruel to everyone, but the restaurant industry has suffered a particular injustice: To be treated with suspicion. Commercial kitchens may have passed multiple inspections, and restaurateurs may have spotless records for cleanliness, but customers are naturally wary about what they ingest – and the precautions chefs are taking.

That’s why the Rhode Island Hospitality Association came up with the Rhode Island Restaurant Pledge, a PDF document that can be printed out and hung on front doors.

“We will continue to follow strict sanitation policies and practices with our team, ensuring all staff are trained in food safety and there is a certified Food Safety Manager on each shift,” reads the pledge.

The pledge isn’t a legal document, but it provides visitors with a litany of promises; it also asks that patrons behave with equal responsibility.

“When customers see the Rhode Island Restaurant Pledge endorsement, they can be certain that the restaurant is taking a leadership role in protecting their community,” explains the RIHA website. “With restaurants and customers working together, we can make the restaurant industry as vibrant as it was prior to the impact of COVID-19.”


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