Rhody Gem: Wild Witches

October 2022


What it is:

An occult shop that carries a smorgasbord of metaphysical and spiritual items.

Where to find it:

Locatedon Route 44 in North Providence just before the rotary for Centerdale. Keep an eye out for the “Open” flag. 

What makes it a Rhody Gem?

The good vibes buzz the minute you step into the spellbinding Wild Witches, which has been serving Rhode Island’s esoteric community for nearly two decades. From crystals to gemstones, candle magic to charms, ritual kits, and tarot cards, the store carries all manner of magical objects to conjure any type of spell. Customers rave about their hand-crafted Dragon Blood Oil, which is created from a resin harvested from Daemonorops draco tree. Made only during the full moon, the multi-faceted oil is used to attract love, power, strength, and more. The store’s knowledgeable staff is on hand to help provide guidance on spells and products. Tarot card readings are given in store as well as virtually, plus they offer local curbside pickup and delivery. Wild Witches also hosts in-store classes and workshops for both the seasoned spell caster and the witch-curious.

Wild Witches1965 Smith Street, North Providence • 401-345-9251


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