Rhody Gem: Homegrown

July 2021


What it is:

An immersive nursery and art gallery rich with plant diversity in display gardens of perennials and annuals, ornamental plants, and veggies, all grown organically in-house.


Where to find it: 

As we say in Rhode Island, it’s where A New Leaf used to be. Homegrown is on Gano Street across from the lush Roger Williams Square park, steps from the Fox Point Community Garden.  


What makes it a Rhody Gem?

Despite its urban home, this nursery is one of the only in the country that’s home to five species of milkweed, eight species of goldenrod, 10 varieties of cherry-blossom primrose, and other niche finds for the plant enthusiast, but also house plants and veggie starters for any level of gardener and a slew of supplies (and plant-savvy employees). Rare and native plants are propagated right here in this unsuspecting city plot, complete with a greenhouse and fenced-in garden tended by owner Russell Stafford, who has a green thumb and affinity for the hard to find. Says repeat customer Bathsheba Demuth, “I’m in the middle of trying to replace much of my lawn with native pollinator friendly varieties and am so grateful for the wisdom and really phenomenal array of flowering, creeping, beautiful growing things Russell has at Homegrown.” Beyond plants, an upstairs gallery hosts nature-inspired art, as Stafford describes it: “A space where you can lose yourself in a leafy retreat for an hour or two.” 

Homegrown135 Gano Street, Providence • 400-3706 • @homegrownpvd


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