Reserve Your Tree Work Today


If you have been stalling on making that phone call to have the trees in your yard assessed, don’t wait too long because the first available appointments for T.F. Morra Tree Care, Inc. are now in 2022. Business owner Tom Morra and the arborists at T.F. Morra are your professional tree experts. “A typical mature tree on the East Side is in more than one yard,” Tom explains. “You may be a new homeowner, or have new neighbors, and it’s important to be proactive and know who’s taking care of the trees on all sides.” Having healthy trees for a lush and thriving neighborhood is in everybody’s best interest.

Typical fall services include fertilization, late season pest management, structural pruning, and winter storm preparation, such as installation of structural cables or even anti-transpirant treatment for evergreens. “Severe weather is a factor and seems like it’s here to stay,” Tom explains. To learn more about anything related to tree health and their pest mitigation program, visit their website at for comprehensive information and an updated blog on seasonal topics. Now is the time to analyze the current situation of your trees and formulate a plan, but don’t wait on that call, because the remaining available slots are filling up.


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