Record Review: Less Reverb, More Roz Raskin in NOVA ONE’s Create Myself

The first full-length LP plays like a biopic soundtrack


Some albums have the feel of a soundtrack, conjuring mental images as if captured on film. This is the case of create myself, the first full-length record from NOVA ONE. In this latest effort, Roz Raskin and friends embark on a tonal journey that plays cinematically across 11 tracks, beginning with the ethereal sounds of “believe me” and moving into the straightforward pop-rock, solo-driven, sing-along “dangerous.” The LP goes from opening credits to straight-up suburban bike ride to school, locker room-and-all montage of a track with a full-on belt-able chorus that brings everyone in full witness of a trip through the life and times of Raskin; their dad even plays sax on a B-side track. “It was really special to have him in the studio with me.”

While the earlier EP secret princess and LP lovable delivered concise vibes and stylistic choices, this album seems to be NOVA ONE spreading out more fully and comfortably into the big sounds and grandeur that only pop can really offer. Along with “best / worst” and “pick my pedals” with that wonderful chorus, NOVA ONE does not shy away from the anthemic, allowing the good, catchy guitar riff to have its day.

“I’m definitely a big pop music person and I love a strong chorus or catchy part,” Raskin muses. “One of my fave parts of a strong pop song is the sing-songy quality of a chorus that connects with people.”

Juxtaposed to the anthemic montage-pop, NOVA ONE has more profound moments. “I think there’s an intimacy that is necessary for certain songs. Especially a song like ‘in orbit’ that I wrote about my grandfather who died in 2020. I wanted people to feel like they were sitting right next to me hearing that song.”

Raskin describes NOVA ONE as a “very vocal-centered project balanced with dreamy soundscapes.” They continue, “For this album, it felt new to make the vocals more crisp and audible then they have ever been. Sonically speaking, it was good for me to get out of my comfort zone which has mostly been reverb-covered vocals. The lyrics feel purposely forward to me.”

Experimentation is a big part of Raskin’s creative process and they share that it was inspiring to be creative with Bradford Krieger and Chaimes Parker at Big Nice Studios in Lincoln. “To add more grit to guitars, try out new sounds. They both have such amazing creative brains, very rad people to co-produce with.”

Recently NOVA ONE embarked on their biggest tour yet supporting friends Boyscott. “It’s my first time bringing the band to the West Coast, which is exciting for me,” they say. “I’ve been really moved by the reception of the new album and it’s been really fun to play the newer songs live. I plan on doing a bunch of writing and recording this winter.” For upcoming shows, music, and more visit



create myself by NOVA ONE

Community Records release 111

Release date: March 31, 2023

All songs written and arranged by Roz Raskin

Recorded at Big Nice Studio, Lincoln, 2020-2021

Produced by Bradford Krieger, Chaimes Parkers, and Roz Raskin

Mixed by Bradford Krieger

Mastered by Bradford Krieger

Studio musicians on the record included Casey Belisle and Emily Dix Thomas.

Vinyl lacquer by Carl Saff

Cover photo by Rich Ferri

Layout by Greg Rodrigue

Vinyl pressed at New Orleans Record Press



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