Real Stories Fuel Real Solutions Under Hope for Providence’s Mission to Address Homelessness

A candid conversation ignites a movement to support Providence's vulnerable populations


Aaron Ferro and Jakob Moore, co-founders of Hope for Providence, tackle the critical issues of mental health and homelessness in the city. Their initiative, inspired by an open discussion about their own mental health challenges, highlights the often overlooked struggles of Providence residents.

Hope for Providence emerged during a return trip from a video shoot. Ferro and Moore identified a gap in Providence's support systems, which motivated them to create a platform that amplifies the voices of those affected and fosters meaningful community change.

To understand the city's needs, Ferro and Moore interviewed many residents, including those who are unhoused. These conversations provided diverse perspectives, revealing the depth of the issues. One memorable interview was with Norm, an unhoused man who shared his story not for pity but out of a genuine desire to rebuild his life, highlighting the need for resources and support.

Their interview process is designed around authenticity. Once the pair confirms the interviewee’s residency in Providence, they then ask open-ended questions about desired city improvements. If needed, they guide the conversation with common concerns like affordable housing and mental health, sparking meaningful discussions.

Despite progress and overwhelmingly positive community response, Hope for Providence faces operational challenges. Ferro notes that turning their project into a comprehensive documentary series requires a dedicated team and substantial funding. Fortunately, their dedicated team of over 10 volunteers continues to grow, and they aim to establish multiple social media platforms, a website, a filming crew, and robust fundraising avenues.

Hope for Providence aspires to become a nonprofit organization, enabling them to have a more hands-on impact, raise funds, produce a documentary series, and actively address the city's issues. Ferro emphasizes that their mission is not politically driven but rooted in a desire to give a voice to the people and drive positive change. As they continue to amplify Providence residents' voices, Ferro and Moore remain dedicated to making a tangible difference in their city. To follow their journey and learn more, visit their Instagram page at @hopeforprovidence. You can also show your support by donating to their next project on


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