Pub 594 vs. McShawn's Pub


Pub 594 (formerly Billy’s Frosted Mug)

594 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston

The sunken bar with accounting office-style chairs adds character (and a unique visual) to this spacious establishment where you can jump in on a game of pool or bang on the Multicade video game. With $2 burgers on Tuesdays, it’s a great place to relax, have a beer or do your taxes. 594 Reservoir Avenue, Cranston

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: Office chairs instead of barstools and the chance to hear DMX pumping through the sound system. 

McShawn’s Pub

1336 Cranston Street, Cranston

When one of your bartenders is named Mo and you have a square Cheers-like bar, you’re set up to be a popular local watering hole. At McShawn’s, bar tabs are kept on slips of blank white paper and the cheese plate is served on plastic picnic-style plates, just the way it should be. 1336 Cranston Street, Cranston

Keno: Yes
Bonus kitsch: The McShawn’s Hi-Lo-Jack trophy and an “Irish
Mafia” photo. 


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