Providence Band Bochek Releases New Album

Tightly Clung to Love is a spontaneous jam


Providence band Bochek’s August release Tightly Clung to Love is a wonderful dive into a world brimming with spontaneity, forays, and rabbit holes that transcend genres. Their music carries elements of an improvisational jam, with R&B, pop, and a general “indie” feel. The songs have movements, interplaying lead instrumentation, motifs, and non-repeating elements, and there is an ease to them that maintains a cohesive vibe across the album, yet each song continually switches up – playing with rhythm, time, and syncopation.

Nestled within the tapestries of each unfolding track on Tightly Clung to Love lie lyrical and melodic patterns rooted in equal parts guitar, keys, horns, rhythm, and bass with no particular instrument standing out as a clear lead. Halfway through the track “Rebuttal,” the building bridge  resolves not back to the original shape but instead opens up to a choral, soaring land. Each track on the album keeps the listener engaged and guessing.

The band – composed of John Bonoan on guitar; Nevin Kosinski, vocals; Dante Krystman, bass; and Noah Mangelson, drums – explain that their songs evolve over time, leaving plenty of room for improvisation. While their song structure forms organically, it lays the foundation for the intricate parts played live, when they often kick into a jam. Their musical communication gives each member space to elaborate and each musical element influences the next. In other words, they trust the process. 

The track “Still Processin’” opens with a distinct vocal line that plays out more like a lead instrument in the opening chorus before becoming deliberate in its verse delivery over funky fuzzed-out guitars and busy bass. Unexpected and satisfying, Kosinski’s voice is very much its own instrument within the arrangement.

“I definitely want to sound like I’m blending with the song and focusing more on being an instrument, but at other times my focus is on the words and melody standing out,” says Kosinski. “Each song dictates what I’m going to do vocally for the most part. I like to have a balance of spoken sounding phrases, mixed with melodic as well. I would consider myself more of a vocalist than a singer, because I like to vary up my vocal styles and techniques.”

Tightly Clung to Love is a co-release between Roz Raskin’s SELF LUV Records (which is producing and distributing cassette tapes) and Dollhouse Lightning (out of New Hampshire, which is producing the CDs and handling digital distribution). Production values from Lincoln’s Big Nice Studio are evident: kind of loose, reverb-heavy, and real sounds. Longtime producer Chaimes Parker returns on this effort; the band credit him as a major influence in the production style. 

The spontaneity and improvisational quality Bochek finds in the studio is not lost on their live shows, which manifest this spirit into their performance. The set lists are created as they go, often dictated by the energy of the room, making each stage performance unique. Weird moments such as playing The Price Is Right theme song are the norm.

Look for an album release show this November:


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