Podcast with Personality

Aggressively Positive is a passion project rooted in people doing good


Adam Theroux is known around Rhode Island as a musician, filmmaker, and entrepreneur. And as of January 2, he added “podcaster” to his repertoire.

Aggressively Positive is home to the newest incarnation of Theroux’s absurdist humor. “I decided to go with inspiring stories, motivation, and positive news, but I brought my aggressive personality and quirky style of comedy to the table,” he explains. The podcast also features weekly segments like One Minute of Random Facts, The Goodest Person of The Week, and a weekly visit from the character Big Bad Billy, “a fun way to bring some silly humor to the show and shed some light on how ridiculous adult bullies can seem.”

The podcast originated from Adam’s nonprofit, Good People Doing Good, which he started last January. “Good People Doing Good is my passion project,” he says. “People contact us about someone they know going through an emotional or financial struggle. We then surprise the person with a very unexpected act of kindness. We promote positivity and just being an all-around good person.”

All of the money raised each month – which now amounts to over $800 – is gifted back to the community. “We recently surprised some people with 50 gallons of heating oil to warm a neighbor during the cold winter; we covered the airfare for a mother and her youngest son to fly out and watch her oldest son graduate; we surprised a college student with a new pair of glasses – and so much more!”

Although AP was created as paid content to support Good People Doing Good, Theroux believes it should be enjoyed by all. “I give everyone access to the content,” he says, contrary to most Patreon pages – a platform for subscription content – which give only supporters access. “If they feel inclined to become a Patron [subscriber], and financially get behind Good People Doing Good, then I super appreciate it! But I understand people aren’t always in a place where they can donate money. I don’t see that as a good enough reason to deny them access to being more positive and feeling inspiration!” Listen to the podcast on platforms like Apple, Google, and Spotify, and visit their website or become a Patron.


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