Our Seaport Sunset is Perfect for Summer Sipping

Watch the sun go down with this modern twist on moonshine


The term moonshine conjures up all kinds of notions. Gangsters and country folk distilling in their basement, offering swigs (more like, dares) from a bottle with three Xs on it. Well, this isn’t the case for Seaport Shines. Sherry Bryce has put a refined spin on the hard stuff, which is available in mild flavors (and all over the state); it’s low in sugar and alcohol, and even gluten-free. We couldn’t help but play mixologist and create a cocktail using the Vanilla Blood Orange. Light and fruity without being too sweet, it’s a delightful libation that will have you rethinking this storied drink.



• 2 oz Seaport Shines Vanilla Blood Orange Moonshine

• 4 oz cranberry juice

• Yacht Club Sparkling Water

• A whole fresh blood orange

• A few fresh cranberries (for garnish)

• Mint leaves (for garnish)

• Ice (large cubes preferred)




1.  Gently knead the blood orange between your hands. Peel or cut a twist from the rind,  set aside for garnish.

2.  Slice the blood orange in half horizontally and juice both halves into the glass.

3.  Combine the moonshine and cranberry juice in the glass with large ice cubes and roll contents to mix.

4.  Top off with sparkling water and garnish with cranberries, orange twist, and a few sprigs of mint.


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