Menswear and Fall Fashion Trends

The Dapper Gentleman with Jiro Darakian, Milan Fine Clothiers


"The store opened in 2006. I started Milan Clothiers Providence because fashion is my passion. I’ve been in the fashion industry since childhood. My father was a master tailor and I learned from him. Then I went into design and manufacturing and now I’m in retail.

We stock all the essentials for men: business, business-casual, black-tie, cocktail attire and causal.

The benefit of dressing in layers the way I did [in this photo] is so you can wear this outfit to any occasion and feel comfortable. You can wear this outfit as it’s shown to a white-collar business meeting or a cocktail party. This will also work for an afternoon wedding or a dinner date. To make it look less formal, remove the tie and you’re ready for a more casual affair. To take it down another notch, remove the blazer and tie, roll the shirtsleeves up and you’re ready to have a beer with your buddies.

I always dress for work. I didn’t wear this outfit just for the photo shoot. This is how I look most days.

We have many different cultures in Providence. They all bring their own unique style. My aim is to enhance their fashion needs.

The best advice I can give any man is to be open to trying on different/new things. Don’t get stuck wearing the same look all the time. Fashion is not navy and khaki only. Try wearing color, pattern and texture. In other words, try something different.

Men don’t usually come in and ask many questions. They know what they want, and they come in and ask for it. They’re usually replacing an old item of clothing. This is why I suggest that they be more open to trying something different."

Milan Clothiers
178 Wayland Avenue 

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