Meet Marigold, Rhode Island’s Latest Mobile Bar

Cruisin’ Cocktails is a libation station on the go with vintage vibes and plenty of spirit


When Marigold trundles onto the scene, she certainly turns heads. She’s a 1961 Shasta trailer outfitted with a draught system, service window, and Insta-worthy ambience. She’s the perfect party guest for weddings, birthdays, and graduation parties, and comes fully stocked for custom cocktails made by owner and expert mixologist Sarah Gwizdowski.

Gwizdowski bartended in Providence for the last decade until she decided to start RI Cruisin’ Cocktails – a roaming cocktail bar with a notable twist: A refurbished vintage trailer with its own sunny nickname. “I had the idea to do something different that went along with my style and free spirit,” explains Gwizdowski, who started towing Marigold to private parties and events late last summer. While the pandemic threw a wrench in her 2020 plans – as did it with so many – Marigold is ready and raring to get back into the party scene, even sporting a fresh coat of paint. “My hope for the summer is to gain exposure throughout Rhode Island,” says Gwizdowski, “and bring some fun to the party in a time when everyone needs it!”


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