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Gregg's Pickles are Kind of a Big Dill

Gregg’s Restaurant reveals the story behind their famous bowls of pickles


You’ve probably wondered about the little bowls of pickles served at Gregg’s; they’ve become almost as quintessentially Rhode Island as the restaurant itself. They’re different than your average pickle: slightly sour, slightly soft, and never quite the same each bite. These homemade Half-Sour Dills have been part of the Gregg’s experience since they started as a deli back in 1972 and served them alongside their sandwiches. Today, the tradition continues. Owner Bob Bacon reveals that the pickling process is tricky, dependent on everything from the quality of the cucumbers to the time soaked in brine. Whatever they’re doing, it’s a hit, and Bob says the restaurant group serves roughly 34,000 pounds of pickles per year! 


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