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Fix Your Late-Night Cookie Cravings


Insomnia Cookies opened its doors this past March on Thayer Street, much to the delight of anyone with a sweet tooth. But unlike a traditional bakery, it delivers fresh-baked, warm cookies until 3am.

Nine flavors (including M&M, white chocolate macadamia nut and double chocolate mint) are available year round and seasonal flavors pop up from time to time. All of these can be mixed and matched into a cookie sandwich, or Cookiewich, filled with chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Power up to the next-sized cookie, the Jumbo Deluxe, which comes in three flavors (chocolate peanut butter, triple chocolate and s’mores). These can also be turned into a larger sandwich, the Deluxe Cookiewich, and cookie cakes are available as well.

No cookie would be complete without a tall glass of milk. Currently 1 percent, whole, chocolate and strawberry milk are available. This writer is hoping that coffee milk makes it onto the menu – you know, for a local spin. 307 Thayer Street. 877-632-6654 

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