Influencer: Kayla Mandeville

We turn the lens on this prolific Instagrammer and Pic of PVD contributor, who consistently captures the magic of the Ocean State and likens herself to an ‘80s TV action star


How and when did you get into photography?

I got into photography about five years ago. I started taking photos of my son and family, but quickly realized I wasn’t any good at it and they were also losing patience with me. So, I shifted my focus and threw myself into landscape photography and fell in love! I’ve been on Instagram for five years. My handle is @k___elizabeth – my middle name is Elizabeth.


Do you have a favorite spot to photograph in Providence?

Anywhere along the Providence River. The majority of my photos are taken from the shore. I try to get out on the water at least once every summer.


Do you have a favorite time of day to take pictures?

My favorite time of day to shoot is “the golden hour!” The light is absolutely magical. I also enjoy sunrise and sunset.


Aside from being a photographer and curator of other Instagram pages, what occupies your time?

My full-time job is being Troyboy’s mom; he’s six years old and like me, he absolutely loves the beach and the water. He will sometimes join me on my shooting adventures, but not always – that’s MY time! He hasn’t shown any interest in photography, but he is blossoming into quite the foodie. I often highlight our food adventures on my page. 


In your IG bio, you describe yourself as “an awkward millennial sarcastically MacGyvering my way through marriage, motherhood and life.” For those just tuning in, MacGyver references a TV show about a secret agent who could make use of anything around him to escape dangerous situations. We need details!

So, like MacGyver, I feel like I’m always thrown curve balls and having to come up with new and oftentimes ridiculous ways to figure things out. Things rarely go according to plan at K Elizabeth headquarters! As for the awkward, believe it or not I suffer from extreme social anxiety, and on top of that I’m just quirky to begin with. So, with all of that combined, I feel like it makes me a little awkward. But I like to think that it “works!”


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