Good Times with Friends on the Funbearable Podcast

Pop culture and more with Chuck Staton, Brad Rohrer, and Ray Harrington


Local comedian and national podcast producer Chuck Staton likes to have a good time with his buddies and we’re all invited to watch – and listen. Funbearable is a new podcast starring the comedy trio of Brad Rohrer, Ray Harrington, and Staton. The show evolved from their long-running Agreeing to Disagree, which dates back to 2008 when Staton was trying to promote his punk rock band Senior Discount.

“That was before social media; we were trying to get people to come to our website,” Staton begins. “We had these blogs where we would talk about pop culture – movies, music, television, and video games.” Before long the blog’s Chuck and Brad Podcast evolved into its own thing, completely separate from promoting the band. Eventually they added RI comedian Ray Harrington.

“Ray comes from the standup world, Brad comes from the improv world, and I come from the filmmaking world,” explains Staton. “It’s all based in comedy, but it makes for a fun dynamic.”

After around 500 episodes, Staton, Rohrer, and Harrington decided to start over, change the name to Funbearable and add a video element. Shows are recorded and produced in the basement of the Comedy Connection in East Providence, the home club of the three comedians. “It’s a lot more polished than the original show,” says Staton of the podcast. “We focus on doing fun, spirited, original episodes. You may hear an episode with a movie script at the table, we might play a game, or invite a surprise guest. “We’re just three very different people having a good time.” Learn more at



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