The One Pizza You Really Need to Be Thankful For (If You Can Get One)

Fellini Pizzeria celebrates Thanksgiving with the most in-demand pie in town


There are many great traditions associated with Thanksgiving – grand family meals, the Macy's parade, football, your drunk uncle snoring in an armchair – but one of our favorite local traditions is the special Thanksgiving pizza from Fellini. What's so special about it? Well, for starters, they only make it once a year: the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. But that one day is preceded by weeks of preparation. Everything on this mouth-watering pie is made from scratch: they slow cook the turkeys for at least 12-hours, top it with homemade mashed potatoes and gently simmered gravy, and serve it all on whole wheat crust with a side of cranberry sauce. "It started as a recipe from my home cooking – you know, a throw-all-your-leftovers-on-a-pizza kind of thing," says owner Kristy Knoedler. "But then it turned into a lot more than that."

This is the Thanksgiving pizza's seventh year, and it only grows more popular every year. They start taking pre-orders weeks in advance, and as of this writing (exactly one week before the big day), they already have 100 orders in house. People stand in lines out the door to get their hands on one – Fellini even has to add extra staff for the day. "It's a great thing to get the experience of coming in and seeing all of us going crazy," laughs Knoedler. "We all wear turkey hats. People won't be disappointed." 

They start cooking four days in advance and this year Knoedler expects that they'll go through over 250 pounds of turkey. They start serving at 11am and go until 2am – meaning you can pre-order a pizza now for your late night munchie fest. (Trust us, your friends will be amazed by your foresight and discerning taste.) "People are turning this into a tradition," beams Knoedler. "Some people will pick up four at a time and head up to Wickenden Pub. For some people who can't be with their families, this is Thanksgiving." If you want it to be your Thanskgiving, stop reading and get your order in now. Thanksgiving pizzas must be pre-ordered. Call 401-751-6737 to get yours. The pie comes to $29.10 after tax.


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