Tiki Drinks Done Right


If you think a tiki drink is something that you order to go with your beef and broccoli and that tastes like Hawaiian Punch, then you don’t know tiki. Might we suggest a trip to a tiki pop-up to taste the real deal? Founded by bartender and tiki drink aficionado Catherine Hood, Eight Seas offers these craft Polynesian cocktails at monthly events in bars throughout the city. Inspired by vintage recipes like those by the legendary

Donn Beach and made with delicious ingredients like aged rums, fresh juices and a seemingly ever-present dose of 151, these cocktails are meant to be savored, not slurped. Try one yourself at their next big event; they’ll be running the outdoor bar at The Dean for PVDFest, June 2-3. Check them out on Facebook for the latest list of events and where to find them popping up near you. Mahalo, indeed. 

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