Check Out Rhode Island's New "I Voted" Sticker, Designed by Wheeler School Student

Rising senior Isaiah Suchman won the state's sticker contest with this simple but iconic design


When you vote in November, you will likely receive a sticker from the Board of Elections. The picture shows the State House, sketched in blue, with a gold Independent Man standing triumphantly atop. It’s simple, but if you’re familiar with the neoclassical statue from the 1890s showing an anonymous person with a spear and anchor, you know the icon couldn’t be used in any other state.

The image was the winner of a design contest, hosted by the Board of Elections earlier this year. Its creator is Isaiah Suchman, a Wheeler School student who just finished his junior year. Suchman is precociously interested in politics; his essay about ranked voting was recently published in the Providence Journal. He also taught himself digital design, a process he calls “incredibly relaxing.”

“As an amateur-level graphic designer and student,” he says, “I don’t have a lot of opportunities to make my work useful to the public, so any opportunity to make something of real value is exciting.”

The contest was a confluence of several themes in Suchman’s life. He describes his family as “extremely politically informed and politically focused,” and his household is lively with talk of social issues. Suchman is a member of his school’s Model UN club and studies Mandarin. Before submitting his design, Suchman worked his way through 20 different drafts, focusing on a symbol that resonated with him.

“I’ve always felt a particular affinity for the Independent Man as a symbol of the state,” he says. “It represents the bold principle of speaking up against injustice upon which Roger Williams founded our state. I think that’s a powerful message for voters to be reminded of as they go to the polls to speak up for themselves.”  


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