Photographer Cate Brown Captures the Beauty of Local Waters

See Cate's "Ocean Views" at the Coastal Living Gallery in Wickford


It’s a well-known fact that Rhode Island is blessed with some of the most beautiful waters and coastline around, providing ample beach space and plenty of inspiration for our thriving art scene.

Cate Brown, a lifetime of native of Rhode Island, uses her art to emphasize the beauty of the ocean. Her work focuses primarily on our gorgeous waters, as well as the coastal region of southern New England. Through her photos, she captures clear waters, bright sunshine, salty sea air and the soothing sound of the waves.

Her love of photography began at a young age when she started playing around with her mom’s old film camera. At first, she just took photos of anything she could find in her backyard and neighborhood as she explored her newfound passion. Eventually, after a lot of schooling, she began focusing on coasts, and has spent the last six years capturing waves. “I come from a sailing family, so I was spending a lot of time around the water,” Cate says, noting that the ocean has always been a source of community and inspiration for her.

Through her lens, Cate photographs the familiar views of her home state, but also explores new sights and territories. She hopes that her art inspires viewers to not only appreciate the ocean, but respect and protect it.

Ocean and art lovers alike will be able to experience her work firsthand at the month-long “Ocean Views” gallery exhibition at the Coastal Living Gallery. The “Ocean Views” show is doubly special for Cate; this will be her first solo art show, and it’s taking place in her hometown. “I hope it brings some fresh new elements to downtown Wickford,” Cate says. “I want you to walk away feeling what it means to live and thrive by the sea.”

Coastal Living Gallery
83 Brown Street, North Kingstown (Historic Wickford).

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