Carmen Grinkis, PhD, CLTC, CLU®, CFP®, Wealth Advisor & Co-Managing Partner, AAF WEALTH MANAGEMENT

Leading Ladies 2024


“When you consider events that have tested investors’ resilience in recent years—political infighting, inflationary concerns, COVID-19 recovery, and global unrest—it’s important we recognize the underlying emotional turmoil these situations can cause,” explained Carmen Grinkis, a licensed investment adviser and a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professional. Carmen also holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has built her practice at the intersection of financial planning and psychology.

After all, financial planning is all about life planning. It’s about living our best life. But rarely do we find in one individual that ability to understand both the technical aspects of finance driving markets paired with an ability to help steer us through the psychology involved in life transitions. Carmen does this seamlessly, compassionately, and proactively.

She seeks to leverage her clients’ financial plans as a means for transforming and elevating their life experiences. In doing so, she hopes to help her clients avert risk, leave cherished legacies, attain fulfilment, make a meaningful difference, and live the flexible lifestyle they deserve—one that ebbs and flows effortlessly through life’s twists and turns. While this is never an easy feat, for Carmen, it seems to come naturally.

With innate empathy and patience, Carmen approaches everyone with the goal of achieving attunement. “Each client comes to me at a different stage in life, which requires a unique approach and strategy. My goal is to not just build a fixed plan that works today but one that’s adaptive and flexible enough to carry them forward as situations evolve,” she explains.

Carmen cherishes her life with her wife Kitty, a fine artist, in the quaint town of Tiverton, RI, where they find inspiration in its artistic backdrop. Together they value time on the coast, at local galleries, on the water, and in the community.