Keeping Up with the Digital Age

Cable Car Cinema purchases a new digital projector


One thing Providence does really well is maintain its character while simultaneously incorporating new and innovative technologies. A perfect example is the Cable Car Cinema’s conversion from 35mm film to a digital projector. It’s the way of the industry; many production companies will no longer distribute 35mm film as they are ultimately phased out, relegated to museums and archives. Opened in 1976, the Cable Car has been a mecca for independent films and film festivals but more so, a cornerstone in the community and beloved landmark. This digital conversion is not cheap; in fact, the Cable Car Cinema started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $48,000. The campaign is over, and they raised $54,581. Clearly, the community is on board. The upgrades are expected to be implemented in August. Until then, it may be time for another visit to the movies so that you can experience the clicking and clacking of a soon to be forgotten, century-old film projecting method one more time.

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