The Look

Blazing Style


I would describe my personal style as classic with a twist. In professional situations, I prefer a dark suit with a white shirt along with a colorful tie, pocket square, or funky-colored socks. I like incorporating a colorful element, but never more than one at a time. For casual settings, jeans or khakis with a blazer or sweater are my standbys. I do like a standout blazer and haunt vintage shops for them.

Even though I have lived in New England for most of my life, I still can’t get over the cold. For winter, I wear a lot of layers – a shirt and sweater with a blazer, topped off with a puffy vest and scarf. In the spring and summer, I’m all about shorts and T-shirts or cotton-collared shirts with a colorful belt. 

I look for clothing that has some interesting detail, something unusual that gives it a fresh look. It could be an unexpected color or pattern in the lining of a suit or blazer or standout stitching on buttonholes. The most important thing I always look for is proper fit.  If something is ill fitting, it defeats the whole purpose.

Last year, I retired from the Providence Journal after a 30-year career. I wore a suit and tie every day and always made an effort to wear at least one piece that was a little unusual, something that made people smile. Since leaving the Journal, my husband and I have been traveling quite a bit, which has meant lots of opportunities to find new, funky clothes and a range of places to wear them. When I go back to full-time work this year, it’ll be with a recharged sense of purpose and a closet that’s probably a bit more global than it once was.


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