Be Bewitching in Collections from Warwick-based Evenfall Jewelry

Moonstones, mysticism, and more meld in URI-trained artisan’s brand


Magic-embodying jewelry may seem like a unique accessory, but for Jillian Irving, it is the center of her being. Based in Warwick, Irving founded Evenfall Jewelry in 2021 with the intention of inspiring confidence in others via trinkets she produces from elements like moonstone, labradorite, and mother of pearl. She was inspired to establish her brand based on her interest in metaphysical, astrology, and astronomy. “I wanted it to be my style, but separate from me,” Irving says. To name her brand, she searched for a word that emulated her vision, and along came Evenfall, an Old English word best translated as “the moment right when the sun goes down across the horizon, and the moon rises,” she explains.

Irving’s creative process begins with using Pinterest boards to organize the direction of her collections. Next, she either sketches or works with Adobe Illustrator to create an online model. “Once I develop designs I like, I’ll spec them out and either make 3D models or contract out [the work],” she explains. When Irving finally has a 3D model, a mold is created out of it that can be cast into the metal. “I love being able to see all the steps of the process,” she says.

Originally from Burlington, Connecticut, Irving attended the University of Rhode Island for fashion design and segued into jewelry senior year. Her first exposure to the bustling industry was working with StyleWeek Northeast, combining fashion with her own jewelry designs. She stayed in Rhode Island after graduation to pursue her passion, and over the next decade worked with various mentors and brands to expand her skills, notably as the senior designer for private label manufacturer Jewelry Concepts for five years, where she mastered technical aspects and model making, while also establishing her own style.

Irving’s vision for Evenfall focuses on everyday pieces that draw out magic and protection through various materials. “How you feel comes from what you’re wearing,” she says. The newly released Guard Your Heart collection features a dark moody aesthetic that embodies autumn with swords and daggers as the main emblems. Irving releases three collections per year, each reflecting different sentiments. “I like to call my collections the eras of my life,” she says. Find Evenfall Jewelry at Botanic Providence, and online at



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