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Given Rhode Island’s witch-friendly history (see page 39), it’s no surprise our state is chock full of independent artisans with a metaphysical edge. Whether you seek clarity for a vexing problem, are looking for a statement piece necklace, or just fancy a fresh new fragrance, these local makers offer handcrafted goods perfect for crossing the veil between the living and the dead.

1. Bast Brass Cat Tooth - Lariat Necklace

Cast from an ethically sourced cat tooth, this
lariat necklace from Silver Moon Alchemy celebrates Bast, the goddess of joy, music, sensuality, and protection.

2. Blue Hydrangea Bubble Pendant

This bubble-shaped pendant from Roses N Dragons Designs features locally gathered white hydrangea flowers preserved in resin. 

3. Hex Hankies

Maker Julia Thorpe sews items like altar drapes and quilted tarot bags, but the hex hankies, crafted from vintage handkerchiefs, are a conversation starter.

4. Shadow Work Deck

This magical 60-card deck featuring creator Mary Rose’s fine art photography guides seekers to look deep within themselves to create positive change. 

5. Witchcraft

Belle Toi’s all-natural, small-batch skincare products are Reiki-charged and crafted with loving intention. Their fruit-scented Witchcraft line includes a scrub, bar soap, body oil, and perfume. 

6. Wolf Skull Memento - Mori Pendant

Metal artist RyAn Holmes from Never Living Atelier crafts his Memento Mori pendants to celebrate the impermanence of life through different icons of remembrance, like the wolf skull. 

7. Zodiac Soap

Lather up with Eclectic Garden’s small-batch zodiac soaps. Charged by the light of the full moon, the scents are based on each astrological sign. 


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