7 Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen with Tips from Perfect Touch Interiors

DIY updates that are on trend and perfect for any budget


A continuing trend since the start of COVID, many are craving refreshed spaces and taking to major home renovations. But with supply chain delays and a shortage of available contractors, why not opt for DIY? A great place to start is with manageable updates in the heart of the home where family and friends gather daily: the kitchen. 

Each year, it’s typical to see some trends rise while others fade out, but Perfect Touch Interiors owner Manuela Montaquila recommends some ideas for a quick refresh that won’t break the bank. “A theme we love with many of these updates is mixing metals and adding a pop of color,” Montaquila shares. Read on for ways to infuse life into seven crucial areas of the kitchen.

  1. Cabinet Hardware- Keep things interesting by mixing knobs and pulls in varying sizes or incorporating up to three metal finishes. Trending in 2022 is comfort over strict rules, so opt for simple designs and find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Try incorporating a note of elegance with brass hardware to emphasize the sharp lines of kitchen cabinets and offer a touch of softness – the perfect way to make a statement while keeping it simple.
  1. Light Fixtures- Lighting has a substantial impact on the atmosphere of a room. Steel lights add a cool and clean look to any kitchen, while shades of brass offer a bolder feel. Stemming from the brushed gold craze, brass is a warmer take on metal and comes in a variety of tones, from polished to weathered, shiny or matte. Mixing brass and black tones in light fixtures provides richness and metallic shine, as black remains a mainstay when it comes to finishes. Explore new iterations like black stainless steel, satin black, flat black, and more. 
  1. Kitchen Faucet- New technology in faucets is gaining popularity in 2022. Although touchless faucets have been around for some time, the pandemic only further emphasized their importance when it comes to health and sanitation. Some other popular choices are pull-out kitchen faucets, pot-filler faucets, multi-functional spray heads, and mixed-metal finishes.
  1. Kitchen Island- Change things up without taking drastic measures by accenting your kitchen with a contrasting island color. In the same way a freshly painted wall or a piece of artwork can add life to a room, the right color for a kitchen island can transform the space. If you’re handy with a brush, try painting it yourself. Ask your local paint store for advice and the proper paints and primers.
  1. Bar Stools- Central to friends and family gathering for a meal, bar stools shouldn’t be overlooked. Try painting them a new color to fit harmoniously with other updates, or buy new bar stools that instill comfort and elegance.

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