Summer Guide

100 Days of Summer

The season is short – make the most of it


1-4: Hit Up a Clam Shack

Because it's not summer without seafood

5-9: Celebrate Independence

Because you live in the greatest country on earth

10-17: Be One with Nature

Because it's in full bloom right now

18-22: Talk to the Animals

Because they're (probably) not going to talk back

23-28: Shop Around

Because there are so many fun things to buy

29-35: Learn Something

Because your brain shouldn't take the summer off

36-45: Enjoy a Taste of Summer

Because it's the most delicious season

46-49: Be A Sport

Because a little competition is healthy

50-56: Get Active

Because you've got to maintain that beach bod

57-62: Make a Day of It

Because the days are long and beautiful

63-69: Go By Air or Sea

Because you need a new perspective

70-79: Be a Kid at Heart

Because we've all got a little inner child

80-87: Be Entertained

Because theaters are air conditioned

88-95: Hear It Live

Because there's music in the air

96-100: Appreciate Art

Because you'r feeling inspired

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